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Pasco County Makes 6 Elementary School Principal Changes. Two critical changes apparently started pushing over the dominos. One new school opened, as one principal is entering retirement. So, let’s see how they might shuffle the cards and who will be at your kid’s school in Pasco.

These changes go to the school board in June, with other principal changes coming as well. There are also openings for seven assistant principals coming with these changes.

Here’s The Plan:

  • Jennifer Jaworski

    Jennifer Jaworski is now principal at Mittye P. Locke Elementary. She will move to Pine View Elementary and replace Kay Moore. Ms. Moore is retiring after leading there since 2013.

  • Christina Twardosz

    Christina Twardosz is the principal over at at Sand Pine Elementary. Ms. Twardosz will move to Mittye P. Locke. The Sand Pine position is currently open and being advertised.

  • Shirley Ray

    Woodland Elementary principal Shirley Ray making a move too. Ms. Ray moves from Woodland Elementary to become new principal of Achieve Center Wesley Chapel. Achieve is an alternative school opening this fall.

  • Clara Craig

    Clara Craig is now principal at Gulfside Elementary. She will move to Woodland. The Gulfside principal post is now also open and being advertised.