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No boat needed. How to boat around Tampa Bay without owning a boat. Tampa Bay, Florida offers a variety of options for people to enjoy the water without having to own a boat. From boat rentals to chartered tours, here are some ways to experience the water around Tampa Bay. Whether you’re trying to celebrate a special occasion or just have a fun weekend, getting on the water in Tampa Bay is a great option. From boat rentals to chartered tours, there are plenty of ways to experience the water without owning a boat.

Rory Conforti, who rents out his boats, shared tips for boat rental success, including gathering a group of friends to split the cost, knowing your group size, and being mindful of different waterways. So, for you, no boat needed. Check below to see how to boat in and around Tampa Bay without actually owning a boat.  TBT

  • GetMyBoat:

    GetMyBoat: This platform operates like an Airbnb for boats and has over 3,000 listings in Florida. Boat owners can rent out their vessels for extra cash, and passengers can choose from fishing boats, pontoons, and luxury yachts. Chartered voyages with an experienced captain are also available.

  • Tiki Tours:

    Tiki Tours: Floating Tiki bars are a popular way for large groups to celebrate special occasions while enjoying drinks on the water. Tiki Boat Tampa and Cruisin’ Tikis offer chartered tours in the area.

  • Cycle Boats:

    Cycle Boats: Kraken CycleBoats and Paddle Pub Clearwater provide a unique experience where passengers can pedal their feet to power the boat while enjoying a two-hour tour along the Hillsborough River.

  • Spongeorama Cruiselines:

    Spongeorama Cruiselines: This sightseeing cruise departs from the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks and offers sunset, dolphin cruises, and charters.

  • Pirate Water Taxi:

    Pirate Water Taxi: This water taxi operates seven days a week and offers day passes to explore different locations along the water. Special excursions for holidays are also available.

  • Scalloping Charters:

    Scalloping Charters: Starting July 1, scalloping season in Levy, Citrus, and Hernando counties allows for a scenic ride with a captain who will provide all the necessary equipment for scalloping.