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New Free And Cheap In Tampa Bay Times Feature Hits Local Economic Nail On The Head. I can not imagine a big family in today’s economy. I know many, but do not know “how they heck they do it” when it comes to family budgets. Everything is up. Gas, Rent, Mortgage, Groceries, Entertainment. Every stinkin thing. Love this new feature I saw today in the TBT.  Free and cheap Kid stuff, Mom and Dad stuff, Young Single stuff, Teen stuff, College kid stuff,  Senior stuff, and Family stuff – for free, or pretty darn cheap. We ALL need it.  Check out a few below, and see ’em all HERE.

  • Free Golf For Kids

    Love the game, and mentioned this one before.

  • $2 Buck Movies

    And, it’s “air conditioned.” Regal does it every Tuesday and Wednesday. Like 2 Buck Chuck, but, it’s a family friendly move. Wine up after, mom ; )


  • You Had Me At Free Beer

    Well,  sooner or later you’re already gonna be inside Busch Gardens  anyway, right? 7 Ouncer at Pantopia Drinks through Sunday.


  • Stuff For Seniors

    Dunedin has classes for painting, wood carving and more. Only $8 bucks with a city card. 9 o’clock each Tuesday morning.