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Miracle By The Bay Baseball Season Opener In Pinellas County. Miracle By The Bay Baseball League season starting for our friends & families with special needs.We took Peanut Butter our Therapy friend out to the tryouts, and they let him(us) play left field! He gave up a few home runs as you can see in the 6 videos and pictures below ; ) he also got som,e slobber on a few baseballs, causing the pitcher to throw only sliders the rest of the game.

We had registration last weekend, and it was FUN! Our Baseball Season Opener – First game is next weekend, and we expect the teams to grow every week!  To inquire about becoming a part of our baseball league as a Miracle By The Bay baseball miracle (you’ll never have more fun volunteering) worker, or if you would like to register a special-needs individual to be a part of our league please CLICK HERE.

Or You may email Miracle By The Bay Baseball League steps up to the plate for our families with special needs. or reach out to the contacts below.

The Miracle By The Bay baseball field address is 1600 72nd Street north St. Petersburg 33713. Azalea Park where the field is is right across the street from Azalea Elementary school.

Special announcement!!!Hello everyoneIt gives Miracle By The Bay and Miracle By The Bay baseball great pleasure to announce the formal release of our 2022 spring season baseball promotional video for Miracle By The Bay baseballDon’t forget to register by visiting the link seen below keep your eye out for updates and important information regarding our baseball league as we get closer to March 19, 2022Feel free to reach out to our sports and athletics division by contacting any of the three individuals seen in the signature mbtbfl.athletics@gmail.comMiracle By The Bay Baseball Matthew Walker Director of League Operations(727) 412-4292Veronica Sierra Assistant Director of League Operations424 283-2723Kyle SnyderMiracle By The Bay Baseball Liaison (816) 863-0710Miracle By The Bay Baseball is a special-needs baseball program hosted by Miracle By The Bay and all of its community agencies to promote community inclusion through the magic of special needs baseball See less

Posted by Miracle By The Bay on Friday, March 11, 2022

For  more information about Miracle By The Bay Baseball:

Matthew Walker
Director of League Operations
(727) 412-4292

Veronica Sierra
Assistant Director of League Operations
424 283-2723

Kyle Snyder
Miracle By The Bay Baseball Liaison
(816) 863-0710

  • Peanut Butter Plays Left Field Video

  • Matt Walker With Miracle By The Bay Baseball League For Special Needs

    Miracle By The Bay

  • Peanut Butter Home PlateUmpire Calling Balls And Strikes With His Eyes Closed

    Peanut Butter

  • Peanut Butter Playing Left Field

    Left Fielder

  • 1st Base Coach. He sends Everybody: )

    !st Base Coach

  • We Want A Pitcher Not An Underwear Stitcher