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Kane Brown brings his Blessed & Free Tour to Amalie Arena this Saturday night, May 21st.  Here’s what Kane Brown’s setlist for Tampa might look like. Kane Brown’s setlist from Las Vegas gives us a pretty good idea of what we will hear at Amalie Arena. We are pretty sure you’ll hear all these in this order however, artists are known to change their sets depending on the town they are in.

Make sure you get to your seats early so you can see Raelynn and Walker Hayes.

  • Riot/Pull It Off

  • Be Like That

  • Short Skirt Weather

  • Cool Again

  • Hometown

  • Lose It

  • Learning

  • Worship You

  • For My Daughter

  • Good As You

  • One Mississippi

  • Memory

  • Famous Friends

  • Rodeo

  • Homesick

  • One Thing Right

  • Heaven

  • What Ifs