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How well do we sleep in Tampa Bay? Twitter says not so much. Thanks for waking up every morning with Tampa Bay’s Morning Crew by the way ; ) I’m a big fan of JR, Launa, and Kevin too.

You’ve heard for years that we all need a good 8 hours of sleep. Actually, it’s 7 to 9, because people are different. I know one fitness guru who wrote in his book that he trained his body for 4 hours of sleep every night, and it helped him train 2 times every day. I tried that. Worked for about 6 months. I was pooped. did a study on sleep patterns around the world, Lots of variables including climate, medicine, electricity on a global scale. Researchers used geotagged Tweets to estimate average bed and wake-up times. They extracted #goodmorning and #goodnight hashtags and were able to break down countries and even cities in the US.

So, how did we do in Tamp Bay? Yawwwwwwn. Not so great. Tampa Bay gets just under 5 1/2 hours of sleep on average. We’re right up there with all the BIG cities and even SIN city! And, see. That’s why we’re all pooped.


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