Football season is upon us, it’s the best time of the year! With game ticket prices rising and inflation taking a hit on all of our wallets, we’re curious how much we’d have to cough up to snack at a NFL game. To nobody’s surprise, Raymond James Stadium ranks pretty high on the list. Maybe you want to travel to another city to cheer for the Bucs, let this list be your guide on which stadiums you can save money at!

You either love them or hate them. Personally, when I think of eating a hot dog, I’m either at a Rays game, a holiday BBQ, or switching up my Portillo’s order to a Chicago dog. But they’re a tasty snack that can hold you over during a two+ hour football game. Generally kids love them, so it’s good to know how much it will cost to feed the family at a Bucs game.

We’ve told you about the cost of beer at every NFL stadium. But how much is going to cost to munch on everyone’s favorite sport snack? Prices range from about $2 at a Falcons game, all the way to $8 for a Rams or Raiders game. Our friends at Cheapism did the research, here’s what a hot dog will cost you at every stadium from least to most expensive!