99.5 QYK Guitar Pull

November 14, 2021 - Presented by Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group

99.5 QYK Guitar Pull is back and better than ever in 2021, with an amazing group of artists. Today’s featured artist is Maddie and Tae! They will join Parker McCollum, Matt Stell, Jordan Davis, and Chris Young for a night of music and fun at 99.5 QYK’s Guitar Pull! Let’s take a look at Maddie and Tae!


  • Tampa Bay's Morning Krewe Speaks With Maddie and Tae About Guitar Pull

  • Maddie and Tae's Latest Single!

  • Maddie and Tae On Social Media

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    We might have to have them make us a PB&J Old Fashioned backstage!

  • Maddie and Tae: Then and Now

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