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Four Cool Tampa Area Summer Camps For The Kids. If you’re wondering what to do with your kids over the summer, we have some ideas for you.

Summer is a great time of year to enroll your kids in camps, especially week-long summer camps. That way they can get a little taste of a particular activity and see if it is something they want to commit to and take lessons year-round. This is most applicable to younger children. I found four camps that we want to try out this summer. We may not get to all of them, but they all look worthwhile.

  • 1. Golf Camps At First Tee

    So adorable to see little kids hit the course and learn how to putt and drive the ball, but it’s equally impressive when they come home knowing golf etiquette and lessons learned on the course that they can apply in life.

    You can visit First Tee online to find out about camps near you.

    Kids Golf

  • 2. Nature Camps At Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation

    At the Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation, campers can pick whichever week piques their interests. Whether they love butterflies, snakes or insects, they’ll find some sort of creature that they can learn more about.


  • 3. Tota Performing Arts Camps

    At Tota, instructors are busy training tomorrow’s artists. Find out about their workshops that incorporate acting, singing and dancing here.

    Kids Singing

  • 4. Fancy French Ballet Camp

    At Dawson Dance Academy, not only will attendees learn ballet basics, but they’ll be taught a little French vocabulary. Oui, oui. And they’ll learn lovely tea party manners and even participate in a tea party.

    Tiny Ballerinas