Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Florida is one of the most fun states in America. As Floridians we know that there are many fun things to do here. WalletHub has just put out their list of 2023’s Most Fun States in America. The way they came up with the list is they rated every state on 26 key indicators. There are two main areas: entertainment & recreation, and nightlife. They also looked at everything from restaurants to golf courses to movie theaters. They also looked at things like the average price of beer and wine and the number of casinos per capita.

WalletHub says on their website, “There are certain states where fun is not just an option but also a way of life. These states offer such a variety of activities that everyone will be able to find something that excites them, from people who crave the outdoors and athletics to those who would rather sit down for a film.”

What State Comes In At The Top

We know that Florida has a lot of fun things to do. From beaches to theme parks to nightlife, there is fun for someone of any age. Florida comes in at #2 on the list of most fun states in America. California is the #1 state.

Florida, like California has an additional advantage of fun things to do because our coastlines are surrounded by the ocean. When you factor in activities like going to the beach, fishing, boating and anything related to the beach, there is so much more to do.   Even driving out to the beach to watch the sunset is a favorite.  A romantic evening for a lot of couples that want to do something fun that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

If you are wondering what the state that comes in as the least fun state is. Well, that honor goes to Mississippi according to this list.  Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever stop to visit in Mississippi, just kept driving through it.

Check out the Top 5 fun states in America below.

  • California

    There is a lot to do in California. They have beaches, theme parks, Hollywood, mountains, etc.

    Flag of California waving in the wind against deep beautiful sky. 3d illustration

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  • Florida

    Here we go! Florida ranks #2 on recreation and entertainment, but 11th on nightlife.

    The Florida state flag waving along with the national flag of the United States of America

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  • Nevada

    Vegas, baby, Vegas! Las Vegas is a lot of fun. We know they have casinos, but there is a lot to do there that is so much fun.

    Nevada Waving Flag

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  • New York

    New York City is a lot of fun, but there are many fun things to do in upstate New York. Interesting that New York ranks 8th in nightlife.

    New York Waving Flag

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  • Illinois

    Chicago helps Illinois be the #5 most fun state. Illinois ranks #2 in nightlife.

    Illinois Waving Flag

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