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Florida Homeowner Insurance Issues. These Are The Big 7. Legislators in a special session to battle skyrocketing insurance rates and companies going belly up. Here are the big 7 problems facing all Florida homeowners, as we try to get or keep our homeowner insurance.

Source TBT


  • 1. Lawsuits, roofing, fraud

    Attorneys and roofing companies have encourages homeowners to “get a free roof.” It’s been going on for years. Now insurance companies are tapping the brakes, refusing to insure older roofs. Some require homeowners to cough up $20,000 out of pocket before they can be covered.

  • 2. Standards for handling claims

    After Hurricane Michael in 2018 many Florida homeowners had to fight claims being denied or taking months to be settled at all. Regulators now trying to get claims settled or denied in 90 days, period.


  • 3. Resources for regulators

    Florida regulators are understaffed, and some say underpaid. Regulators fell by 14% since 2016. We have 17 financial examiner positions, compared to 98 in New York, 71 in Texas, you get the idea.

  • 4. The Hurricane Catastrophe Fund

    Our Hurricane Catastrophe Fund is reportedly in good shape with $15 Billion on hand. But, it ran dry in 2006, and any one storm can wipe it out.


  • 5. What insurers do with their money

    Think “fees for services.” Name any fee you like. Name any service you like. Some auditors found companies were bled dry by affiliated company services. AKA Bogus fees. That happens a lot when insurances is involved.

  • 6. Updating standards

    Since the Champlain Towers South collapse in Surfside, up to 9 insurers have stopped writing policies  on condos, period. 98 people were killed, and the lawsuits continue. New calls to update building codes and inspections will drive assessments for condo owners and those trying to sell will feel the pressure first.

  • 7. A closer study of the issue

    Lawmakers all say property insurance is one of their biggest issues. But a Senate bill passed and got stalled in the House. So, they have passed nothing. Every head was turned after the Surfside disaster. But, still…nothing.