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Attack On Manatee Woman Shows Why Feeding Alligators Is Dangerous. A 77 year old Florida woman was attacked by an alligator at her retirement community. The 8 foot gator attacked inside the Dell Webb complex. Source Fox 35  &  News Channel 8

  • A Photographer Working Nearby Said

    “I lived here five years and I’ve never seen a gator come after anybody like that,” “Usually they run the other way, even when you see him on the path around here crossing over from pond to pond. They see a human and they take off.”

  • Neighbors Said

    They heard a woman screaming. Several rushed to help and all were yelling. The Gator let her go thanks to all the commotion. The gator did not run off, but settled down just a few feet from shore. There was no doubt when trappers arrived about which gator attacked.

  • Trappers Said

    They believed the gator demonstrated signs that he had been getting “fed” at or near the shore on a regular basis. They tossed out food (marshmallows) and the gator did not hesitate to come grab them. Regular feeding makes them comfortable approaching the shore with people around.