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Arrrrg Tampa Bay. It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day. Here’s few handy pirate sayings and some Tampa Bay pirate stuff to do. A goofy holiday allegedly started by 2 guys goof ing off on a racquetball court. They created it as a joke in 1995, and stayed with it along with their friends till 2002. That year they got a friend and newspaper writer to post an article about the Talk Like A Pirate holiday. And, Boom! Haaa. You know we love it here in Tampa Bay! I need to get back to Disneyland’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride. Been here since most of us were kids, right? Lets look at some favorite Pirate Sayings and Meanings. And a Few Pirate Things to do in Tampa Bay below too:

Ahoy – A pirate greeting,So, Hey Ya’ll
Arrr, Arrgh, Yarr, Gar – Common pirate terms. Used in different situations, including a stubbed toe.
Avast – An order. Hey! Listen Up People!
Aye – “That’s a big 10-4
Aye aye – Ya gotta answer the captain that way or walk the plank.
Booty – The treasure, and a cute backside?
Lad – A young whipper snapper.
Maroon – To leave prisoners on island or bail on them at a bar.
Matey – A pal, a close friend.
Prize – A ship captured by pirates.
Savvy – “Do you understand?”
Shiver me timbers – For surprise, shock. Also WTH
Walk the plank – You’re forced to walk on a plank. Sharks ya know.
Weigh anchor – “let’s go”, “get ready to sail on”.
Yo-ho-ho – Salutation, expression of delight because the beer is cold.

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day