Tampa, Florida, USA downtown city skyline over the Hillsborough River.

We all know going on a first date is never easy. Where do you go? What kind of food should you order? (Oysters for obvious reasons). Will they want to go on a second date? We’ve seen it all so how do you make it to round two without it throwing in the towel? We asked you on social media to help us put together the top places to go on a first date in Tampa Bay. You sent us tons of great options so we put together a list of 8 places to go on a first date in Tampa Bay.

Why Does Location Matter?

Location plays a big part in how the date goes. Frankly, it sets the tone for the entire relationship and pretty much decides if it lasts one night or a lifetime. If you don’t believe us, just ask Reuben Feffer after Polly came along and took him to a Moroccan restaurant. You want to pick a place that you know gives the right signals to the date, but also doesn’t land you chilling in the friend zone either because nobody’s got time for that. 

Another key ingredient for a first date is atmosphere. You want to pick a place that won’t make that awkward silence, awkward. Pick a place that has some background music, live bands or anything to lighten the mood when you first walk in. A corner booth in a dive bar is a bold move for a first date, but that could get weird real quick. 

If you’re stressing about planning the first date, just remember you can always ask how much a polar bear weighs because it will be enough to break the ice. Now that we’ve set the mood, here is a list of 8 places you should go on a first date in Tampa Bay with your help. There are options for any occasion whether its in a crowded bar or a secluded picnic and here are the top places to go on a first date in Tampa.

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