Here is a list of 7 Chris Stapleton songs we hope are on the setlist at the upcoming concert.

I know what you are thinking, “there are so many great Chris Stapleton songs, how can you just pick seven of them?” Well, it wasn’t easy, but these are songs that when I hear them, I get chills and goosebumps. Chris Stapleton can really play anything and sing it with his wife Morgane and it will be amazing.

Not only that, but every show is a party and everyone there is all about having a good time, having a couple of drinks with friends and hearing some amazing music.

Chris Stapleton is a Nashville staple from songwriter to country music star. As of February 2022, Stapleton has won nine Academy of Country Music Awards, ten Country Music Association Awards. He has also written many songs for other artists including Adele. He wrote Kenny Chesney’s “Never Wanted Nothing More”, Luke Bryan’s “Drink a Beer” and Thomas Rhett’s “Crash and Burn”.  He has stepped out and recorded music with other genres’ artists like P!NK, Justin Timberlake, Carlos Santana, and Tom Morello, to name a few. Basically all musicians want to work with Chris Stapleton.

And now in no particular order, here are the songs we hope are on the setlist.

  • "Tennessee Whiskey"

  • "Broken Halos"

  • "Millionaire"

  • "Whiskey And You"

  • "Starting Over"

  • "Traveller"

  • "Parachute"

  • "Fire Away"