It’s possible that the Tampa Bay area isn’t the most well-known part of Florida, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own special allure. There are many more that are on this list that Tampa is famous for. Come on, this is supposed to be our home! There are several reasons why people refer to this location as “famous,” despite the fact that the rush and bustle of daily life keeps us moving.

In general, Tampa is well-known for its bustling Ybor City, which is where visitors may learn why the city is sometimes referred to as the Cigar Capital of the World. Busch Gardens and the Florida Aquarium are just two of the many breathtaking museums and amusement parks that can be found in the Tampa area. And let’s not forget about the Cuban influences that it has, as well as the world-famous Cuban sandwich!

In point of fact, Tampa Bay is well-known for a variety of things; hence, I’ve chosen to write this post so that I can discuss some of those accomplishments. Maybe even bring us all back down to earth a bit to appreciate it’s pride and beauty. And hey, if all of this is nothing new to you, pass it along to someone who is new to the area! Or, pass it along to a friend or family member looking to visit.

Now then, let’s get to work and check out what Tampa is famous for!

  • Ybor City

    Ybor City (pronounced EE-bore)is another one of Tampa’s most well-known tourist attractions that is named after businessman Vicente Martinez Ybor. One of the most significant neighborhoods in Tampa is the historic Ybor City area.

  • Cuban Cigars

    One of Tampa’s most well-known attractions is the city’s numerous Cuban cigar shops. Tampa is renowned as the “Cigar City” because Cuban cigars are so well-known there.

    Tampa’s long-standing relationship with Cuban cigars began with the Ybor City location of the Sanchez y Haya cigar factory opening its doors in April 1886. Since then, there are now more than 200 cigar factories in Tampa.

    At its peak, the cigar business in Tampa produced more than 500 million Cuban cigars each year. These cigars are shipped and enjoyed all over the world. It makes sense that Tampa, Florida, is considered as the world’s center for the cigar business.


  • Cuban Sandwich

    Tampa is well-known for its Cuban culture, just like the rest of Florida. Cuban influences can be found wherever you look, including in the architecture, gastronomy, music, and coffee.

    The legendary Cuban sandwich is a highly well-known cuisine to eat in Tampa, where food plays a significant role in the culture. Cuban immigrants to Florida are credited with creating this well-known sandwich. It is available in eateries across the state.


  • Busch Gardens

    Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is one of the most popular theme parks in Tampa. This 355- acre African animal-themed amusement park is packed full of all sorts of fun attractions. From thrilling roller coasters to exciting animal encounters, there’s something for everyone.

  • Tampa Bay Hotel

    The Tampa Bay Hotel has played a significant role in Tampa’s history for a very long time. Henry B. Plant introduced the railroad network to Tampa in 1884. The Tampa area gained a lot of new businesses and workers with the coming of the railroad.

    Plant constructed the Tampa Bay hotel as a means of promoting tourism; it quickly rose to prominence in the region. Numerous tourists came to Tampa to see this opulent palace-style hotel and its 150-acre grounds, which are outstanding specimens of Turkish architecture.

    The Tampa Bay Hotel became the focal point of military preparations for the invasions of Cuba during the Spanish-American War. To prepare for war, a large number of soldiers, officers, and notable figures, including Teddy Roosevelt, stayed at the hotel.

  • Museums

    Many museums may be found in Tampa where guests can learn through a range of displays and relics. There is a museum in Tampa for everything, whether you want to know more about Tampa’s history or are seeking for something entertaining and interactive for the kids.

    There are lots of sights and activities in the big city of Tampa. Some of Tampa’s top museums are listed below:

    • MOSI, or the Museum of Science and Industry: This is one of Tampa Bay’s foremost science museums. Here, curious minds can use exhibits and more than 450 hands-on experiences to explore space, weather, robotics, engineering, paleontology, and so much more.
    • Florida Aquarium: The downtown Tampa Bay area is home to one of the world’s largest aquariums – the Florida Aquarium. This fascinating aquarium has many exhibits that teach all about the sea life native to Tampa Bay from theaters, water parks, and artwork. There are many ocean animals to see and you can even swim with sharks and sea turtles.
    • ZooTampa: The Zoo at Lowry Park is one of the many fun and educational zoos in the Tampa Bay area. At Lowry Park Zoo, you will come face-to-face with wildlife like hippos, elephants, and tortoises. You’ll watch animal experts give care to injured manatees and then go on a safari ride
    • Tampa Museum of Art: This museum located near the University of Tampa, is the best place in downtown Tampa for art lovers. This museum has everything from classical landscape paintings and modern abstract art to ancient artifacts. The biggest of art lovers can also take art classes from experts at the museum.
  • The Longest Continuous Pedestrian Walkway

    The Bayshore Boulevard Greenway is one Tampa attraction with a large following. This 4.5-mile boardwalk offers breathtaking views of the Hillsborough River and Tampa Bay. One of the longest uninterrupted sidewalks in the United States is found there.

  • Beaches

    Due to its year-round pleasant climate, Tampa is the ideal location for a winter getaway to a warm tropical location in Florida. There are several beautiful beaches to visit in Tampa Bay. In the Tampa Bay region, some of the top beaches are:

    • Ben T Davis Beach – The best part about this beach is its location! This is the closest beach to the airport and the center of Tampa. This beach is a popular place to ride bikes and play volleyball. You can kayak, paddleboard, or enjoy the beautiful sunset.
    • Clearwater Beach – This is one of the best beaches in the United States! Just as the name implies, the water here is extremely clear and enticing. This is one of the best beaches for Spring Breakers, families, and locals alike to enjoy the sun, sand, and outdoor activities.
    • Sand Key Park – This beach is a local favorite as it is a quieter and more family-friendly version of Clearwater Beach. Sand Key Park is a barrier island with plenty of white sand and impressive ocean views. If you’re lucky, you’ll see sea turtles and different species of endangered birds laying their eggs.
  • Gasparilla

    The Gasparilla Pirate Parades, one of Tampa Bay’s major events, are broadcast live every January! The mythical pirate Jose Gaspar, who is supposed to have tormented the West Florida Coast from the 1780s to the 1820s, served as the inspiration for this event with a pirate theme that first debuted in 1904.

  • Theme Parks

    Tourists frequently overlook Tampa in favor of Orlando, the world’s most popular theme park destination. Tampa still offers a variety of unique attractions and theme parks, nevertheless. Additionally, Tampa is the ideal day trip on a Florida vacation because it is only a little more than an hour’s drive from Orlando.

    There are two main theme parks in the city of Tampa.

    • Busch Gardens is home to the best roller coasters in Tampa! The park’s African safari theme is a favorite of visitors of all ages – the park even offers its own safaris.
    • Adventure Island is located just across the street and is a large water park perfect for those hot, humid Florida days. Tampa’s largest water park features thrilling attractions like a 17,000-square-foot wave pool, a river float, and twisty, free-falling water slides.

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