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10 Banned Vanity Plates In FLA There Are More Than 700. This has got to be the most miserable job in the world. Someone at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has to go through all the requests for vanity license plates to make sure they aren’t obscene or objectionable. An “Inventory Control Unit” does the screening, according to Channel 8.

References to drugs, politics, sex, curse words are among the things they look out for. Here were 10 of the rather interesting rejected Florida license plates I spotted scrolling through the long list.

Source: Channel 8


  • 10. CRAPB0X

    Maybe you bought a lemon and want to let everyone know?

  • 9. FARTD... Also IFART

    We all have that flatulent friend who is proud of his abilities to clear a room.

  • 8. BADDA5S

    • Maybe do it with a lisp…. BADDATH?

  • 7. H3LLYEA

    • I’m gonna guess this one came from Polk County.

  • 6. GASWTF

    • If it’s bothering you that much, might be time to look into electric.
  • 5. NUUUUTS

    Maybe it was just one too many Us.
  • 4. WHTRA5H

    • … and apparently proud of it.

  • 3. PISSAH

    I think I found a fellow transplant from New England
  • 2. 69NICE

    Not touching this one.
  • 1. DEZNUT

    • Apparently a 12 year old got a driver’s license.