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Happy National French Toast Day. What’s your go to place for great French Toast? Since moving to the Pinellas side of Tampa Bay, Lenny’s in Clearwater is my breakfast spot. Back when I lived on the Hillsborough side, my Sundays mornings were usually spent at Fred’s Market in Riverview.

But where do you find the best French Toast you’ll ever have? Sorry folks. The answer is in the name. The French do French Toast best. Whoodathunkit? On a trip to Canada last year, I tried a new spot called Le Passé Composé. I think loosely translated into English that means “Holy crap this French Toast is freakin’ amazing.” But honestly I didn’t pay much attention in French Class in high school. Sorry Mr. Cote.

This place is not far from the big hotels most of us tourists stay at. It’s probably a $5-10 Uber ride from anywhere in Montreal. There’s a long line especially on weekends, but you know the deal with good restaurants. If there’s a line, there’s a reason.

The French Toast is crunchy and coasted with sugar crystals and powdered sugar. It looks great in the photo. They make their dishes look like art. But I promise they taste even better.