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Florida’s tourist spots were among the first to feel the burn from the coronavirus outbreak. The scenes from Las Vegas were jarring, but that’s a long ways from Tampa. Seeing these photos from Key West hit so much closer to home.

I found some of these pictures online and it doesn’t even seem real.   Key West.  Empty.

I’ve been to Key West a couple of times and I’ve never seen it like this….the one lane road getting in is usually backed up and slow – there isn’t even one car on it now.

Have you ever been to Hemmingway’s House?  There are like 75 cats that live there.  I love cats so it was a cool place for me to see.  I wonder if they are practicing social distancing…lol

I see more people posting pictures of the “Southernmost Point in USA” – I too have my pic there…usually there is a 15 minute wait to get your pic there.

Probably the weirdest picture is Sloppy Joes.  That is always packed!  Full of people eating and drinking and there is always a band playing – you can never find an open table.

I hope we all get through this quick – so we can get back to traveling to these places again.

Stay safe!