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Paddle For Autism Rocks At Indian Rocks Beach. Sometimes, when you least expect it, a really good plan shows up. Was minding my own business about 5 weeks ago, 1/2 mile off shore in the Gulf Of Mexico on a Paddleboard. Said hello to a man in a Kayak. We chatted and low and behold it was the Fire Chief Jeff Davidson of our Pinellas Suncoast Fire And Rescue District. He told me about his plan to Paddle For Autism at IRB.

Chief Davidson and his team hit the beach early to set up a fantastic day for our Autistic Friends, Neighbors, and Their Families.  One sweet mom was sharing tears of joy watching her child and her brothers and sister tackle the Paddleboard, and  even ride some small waves.  The little girl did not want to get on that board. Then, after a few lessons, she rode a few waves and started yelling AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN! After. Every. Ride. LOL till she wore this ole surfer dude out!

Thank you Pinellas Suncoast Fire And Rescue for allowing us to share your amazing love with our Community. Heroes every day. Heroes in every way.

Enjoy the 45+ Photos Below. And Thank You Indian Rocks Beach and Volunteers: Island Surf Shop – Suncoast Water Sports – IRB Chairs – ABA Solutions – Rotary Club Of IRB – The Original Crabby Bill’s – Southern Steer – Matt Knabe (Musicisan) – Bryce Moseley (Photography) @photos.bryce IG  – IRB Boat Rentals.

Pinellas Suncoast Fire & Rescue District 304 – First Street Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785  USA