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Have You Considered Tank Skins For Your Sport Bike Motorcycle? I call the F6B a giant sports bike. If you’ve ever ridden The Tail Of The Dragon, or even The Tail Of The Gecko you know it helps to move forward and use your legs when carving turns. This F6B is my 5th bike since moving to Florida. I love motorcycles. I’ve had 250 to 2000 CC’s. Yamaha, Kawasaki, Harley, and now this Honda. I loved ’em all! Florida is full of great bikes. All my motorcycles were used, inexpensive, (including this one) low mileage bikes and held their value. Crazy ain’t it.

Good tank skins on any sports bike can help secure riders and prevent sliding during turns with little effort.  Also prevents sliding if you have one of those giant seats where you can ride forward or lower back up on support system.  Wanted to share these before and after pics with you. The F6B may be my last bike. Extra bonus. It’s literally much cooler to ride in the Florida heat, thanks to engine placement. (I’m not sitting on top of it) There are many tank skins out there but these Gripster TechSpec skins have the best grip and protection. Just sayin ; ) Ride Safe !