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Last week I was doing a QYK event in Tampa. As a Pinellas County guy now, I’ve become one of those lazy people who never wants to cross the bridge. So when I’m back in my old neighborhood in Brandon/Riverview, I seek out what I never found in Pinellas until today: GREAT Chinese food. There’s ok Chinese food in St. Pete and Clearwater. I’ve even found one or two good spots. But I didn’t find anything great until today.

I have to thank some QYK Facebook’ers for the heads up about this place. When I posted that there was no great Chinese food on the Pinellas side, of course my ulterior motive was to get some tips. 😉 And when several mentioned “Zom Hee Chinese Restaurant” in Seminole, I loaded the address into the GPS. It was a traffic-filled annoying drive for 20 minutes. But well worth it. And I’m glad it’s not easy to get to or I’d be going there weekly.

The place has been around since the 80s. And after this meal today, I see why. Super cheap, tasty, and they don’t use that awful yellow rice that so many bad Chinese restaurants in Florida use! As soon as you’re seated there’s water, noodles, hot tea and sweet marinated cucumbers on your table. The lunch specials come with this plus soup… for $10 you’re going to have a hard time to beat it.