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Disney’s Splash Mountain Water Selling On eBay. Wait. What? Walt Disney World’s beloved water ride, Splash Mountain, recently closed its doors for the final time, leaving fans to hold onto the nostalgia the popular ride provided. In response to the closure, some guests flooded the park to take one last ride over the weekend.

However, for those who weren’t able to make it to the park, jars of water from the final days of Splash Mountain’s operation are being sold on eBay for a premium price. One jar of water is reportedly going for $150, and other items from the ride, such as an expired Splash Mountain Fastpass Collector card, are also being listed for sale at a high price. The expired card is priced at $1,300. Despite the high prices, fans of the ride are willing to pay to hold onto a piece of the nostalgia that Splash Mountain provided.

Why so crazy? See for yourself – Check out the Splash Mountain pics and some other famous people (think Paris Hilton, Tom Brady, and more) on great other famous rides at Disney below. NewsChannel8