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Keith Connors

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What a great way to have some fun, de-stress, make new friends, and ride off in to the sunset. Our #1 daughter Kaleigh (we have 3 daughters) is visiting from Pitt (Go Panthers) and we share love for the ponies. So, thought we’d try a cool little adventure. We’ve had a few horses in the family through the years, but it’s been a while since we’ve ridden. No worries. The guides and staff make it a no brainer. Climb on. The horses are all “rescues, and chill”.

You have got to check out  floridabeachhorses.com in Bradenton. Not sea horses, but yes – rescue horses that like to play with you on the beach and in the water. Check out the pics and you’ll see you can horse surf and/or horse ski behind. Wait, what? Haaaaa. And there’s a horse and rider swim too. Hang On!

The ride is really mostly easy paced and very calming. The horses do that ya know.  Did I mention the scenery on the Bradenton Causeway Beach? Activities are all optional. And, great for beginner to expert riders. floridabeachorses.com offers 3 different rides, and experience levels in each outing. It was easy to book, and a ton of fun.

We love horses. We love horse people. They both made for a great sunset adventure. Check out the link and meet the ponies and people HERE.

Have Fun!