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QYK Neon T-Shirts: The 3 Most Commonly Asked Questions Online

Want a seat upgrade or meet & greet passes? Neon up!
It's something we've done for years. When we have extra backstage meet and greet passes or tickets for seats right down front, we go looking for listeners wearing QYK Neon T-Shirts. You've probably seen them at concerts in the past and had the same 3 questions I always get asked about them.

From the Brantley concert Friday. -Geno from 99.5 QYKThe 3 most often asked questions about QYK Neon T's:

Posted by 99.5 QYK on Thursday, June 8, 2017


#1) Where can I get one?

Keep an eye on our Events page to see which event location you can win one at next. If it's the day of the concert, it may be too late. Sometimes we have a few at the QYK tent, but your best bet is to make a homemade one. They work! Just make sure it's that bright neon green color and it says QYK in big letters so we can spot you from across a concert!

#2) Where should I be?
Go where the most people are. When I've gone QYK Neon T hunting, I walk through the tailgate area, lawn, ticket windows, anywhere there's a line, etc. The biggest mistake most make? They hang around within a few feet of the QYK tent. I'd never look there.

#3) When are you looking for them?
For meet and greets, I'd get to the venue as soon as the gates open. Tailgate. Have fun. Blast QYK. Usually meet and greets happen shortly after the band's soundcheck before the show. As for ticket upgrades, I usually go out looking for QYK Neon T's during the opening acts. The biggest mistake people make with this... they put a QYK Neon T over another outfit and then take it off.

Here are some pics and videos I've posted to my socials over the years doing a QYK Neon T hunt.