The 10 Greatest Baseball Movies Of All Time

Everyone loves a good sports movie, even some people who don't follow the sport in real life can find a sports film entertaining. With the start of the MLB season, I thought I would do a deep dive into some of the greatest baseball movies ever made. It's no secret that I love baseball. I played baseball my whole life, even moving to softball when I got older. Now I coach my son's baseball team which gives me even more joy than when I played. We're a baseball family so we go to as many Tampa Bay Rays games as we can each season, but now there's a new thing happening in our house. My kids want to watch baseball movies and it doesn't matter if they're old or new. Now they've seen a lot of the baseball movies for kids like, Angels In The Outfield, Rookie of the Year, and of course The Sandlot. But I now showing them some of my personal favorites. Related: 7 Famous Movies Filmed In Tampa Bay Speaking of baseball and the Rays, they have finally released their City Connect uniforms earlier this week. They pay homage to the Tampa Bay area in the new logos and designs. They call them the “Grit and Glow” uniforms because of the dark/rigid texture features and bright colors associated with the Tampa Bay art scenes and sunshine. Now I didn't rank every baseball film ever made. There are over 60 films from tear jerkers to biopics. I only ranked my top 10 and the ones I enjoy watching with my son. Rotten Tomatoes ranked Bull Durham as the best baseball film of all time. What's your favorite baseball film? Feel free to tell me on social media @kccountryqyk So Here's My List of the 10 Greatest Baseball Movies of All Time

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