Morning Krewe

He Was Not A Fan Of Her Profession

Second Date Update: After a couple of pretty successful dates, Bethany invited Paul to see her perform with her band at The Toasted Monkey. According to Bethany, the night went really well and Paul seemed to be having a great time. She did mention that he had to leave early but she didn't think anything of it. Unfortunately Paul was not a fan of her profession and stopped returning her texts. Bethany called us to see if we could figure out why: Paul came on the show and was honest about how he was not a fan of her profession. He does not like how Bethany is a "party girl" when she is performing and accepting drinks from random guys at the gig. They do not see eye to eye on where their lives will go with their career paths. Bethany is chasing her dreams of being a singer and Paul sees it as an excuse to support her. He was not a fan of her profession, but how would you have addressed it? [select-listicle listicle_id="416759" syndication_name="the-top-10-dating-dealbreakers" description="yes"]