99.5 QYK is proud to be apart of the world premier of Brian Kelley’s newest single, “See You Next Summer”. The “Florida” half of Florida Georgia Line is releasing his first solo single to Country radio Memorial Day Weekend. “When I first heard it, I was smiling the whole way through,” says Kelley, according to Big Machine Records.

The song tells a tale of the thrill of summer romance. It was a collaborative effort written by Michael Hardy and Hillary Lindsey. Listen to it all weekend long on Commercial Free 99.5 QYK.

About Brian Kelley

Originally from Florida, Brian Kelley was one half of Florida Georgia Line. Together, they notched 17 billion+ global streams, sold more than 40 million+ tracks and 4.8 million albums worldwide. In 2020 during the pandemic, Brian spent a lot of time at his Grayton Beach home in north Florida writing his Sunshine State of Mind album. He stated the process gave him some peace of mind at a time when everything around him was crazy. Brian also did some good with his single “Florida Strong,” which he donated 100% of the royalties to the Florida Disaster Fund and the American Red Cross in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

For his next move, he wanted to go even bigger. Brian teamed up with ACM producer of the year, Dann Huff and moved his writing sessions back to Nashville. That’s where the summer love story “See You Next Summer” was born. This is just the beginning for Brian. He plans on releasing a follow up single after “See You Next Summer,” and possibly even more in the works. He told Big Machine Records:

“You can never really know an artist off of one or two or even three albums. It takes time to get it all out there – and I’m gonna keep after it. I’ll never stop chasing songs.”