Tyler Hubbard is sitting atop the country charts this week with his hit song “Dancin’ In The Country,” marking his second No. 1 as a solo artist and his 21st career chart-topper on country radio. Written by Tyler, Keith Urban, Ross Copperman, and Jon Nite, “Dancin’ In The Country” is the second single off Hubbard’s debut solo album.

Tyler told us recently about the song. “I see every time we start playing ‘Dancin’ In The Country,’ the energy just goes through the roof. It just gets wilder and wilder, and it feels like the set hits a climax, and it’s really, really fun. The crowd goes crazy, and it’s just a good way to end the set. Everybody leaves the show really happy. Everybody’s singing that song. It’s sort of an earworm.”

He added, “Even myself, I’m singing it for the next two hours after the set, just because it’s stuck in my head. So, it’s a special song, and it’s a fun one to leave the fans with.”

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Tyler recently released a demo of the song featuring Keith Urban. He said, “I love the demo, and I thought this was a great opportunity if Keith (Urban) would be into putting this out and Ross (Copperman) and Jon (Nite) were cool with it, let’s put this thing out and let the fans in on what we do and in on the process a little. So, they were all about it, and yeah, it was a cool idea.”

He concluded, “I think the team actually brought the idea to me, and it took me a second to be like, ‘Wait! Release the demo?’ I was like, ‘Oh, that’s genius. Let’s do that.’ So, yeah, I’m happy it’s out. I’m really proud of it, and I love getting to work with all those guys, so it’s cool.”

Hubbard celebrated his first year as a solo artist this past weekend when he surprised fans with a 75-minute pop-up show at Nashville’s famed honky tonk, The Stage, on Saturday night (5/19).

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