Parker McCollum is in his homestate of  Texas this week for the ACM awards. He just hosted an album release party for his album Never Enough, which will be out on Friday (5/12). Before he headed to Texas for the show, he talked to us about recently celebrating his first wedding anniversary with his wife, Hallie Ray. He said, “I know how to push her buttons pretty well, and sometimes I do it just to do it because she’s such a calm, consistent, emotionally stable person. I mean, she is the same person every single day. Unbelievably pleasant to be around, unbelievably easy to be around, and is like that all the time.”

McCollum also acknowledged that the time is nearing for him and his wife to start having a family of their own. He said, “You know, it’s knocking on my door, and sometimes I think about it, and at some point during the day, it would kind of cross my mind, and I will look in the back seat, and there’s gonna be a damn car seat back there if I’m not careful.”

Parker added, “I have a great dad and great grandparents, and I have nieces and nephews now, and I look forward to that on my own for sure. But then sometimes, when I’m going to the airport or something, I’m like, ‘Hell no. There’s no way I can’t do that right now.’ But we wouldn’t be surprised if that happened soon.”

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McCollum went home to Conroe, Texas, to film his “Handle On You” video, he was excited to be among his hometown crowd, but he admits it was a challenge filming the video there.

He told us recently, “I will never do that again. I will never film a music video in my hometown show with twenty thousand people even again. That was a crazy, crazy long day, but it turned out so good, and I got to rip my Corvette for an hour and a half just outside the road on my ranch in East Texas. It was beautiful out there. I’ve done like three videos out there, any excuse to go to the ranch and an excuse to drive one of my cars.”

Parker added, “Music videos are kind of a brutal process, they are kind of boring, and they are long days, so if you can throw in just ripping your Corvette around for an hour or two, it makes it pretty fun.”

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