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Another Great White has been reeled in off the coast of Florida. A group on a fishing trip will never forget this catch. This happened on Volusia County, which is where Daytona Beach is. The shark circled the boast for about 20 minutes before being hooked.

“All of a sudden, he hit one of the lines and I’m not really sure if we caught him or he caught us, but we ended up going for about a two-mile ride chasing him down,” the boat captain said. The shark was released back into the ocean.

This isn’t the first Great White to be caught off the coast of Florida this year. In March, one was caught off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale.


4 Of The Best Party Cities In The U.S. Are In Florida

4 of the best party cities in the U.S. are in Florida according to a new study. The study looked 101 cities to determine the list. Bonusfinder is the one who made up the list. So, how did they come up with the list? They say, “We researched the best party cities in the United States based on different factors and compared them to the population of each destination to determine where you should head next whether it will be for Spring Break, St. Patrick’s Day or simply a regular night out!”

They looked at cities that have the best music events, bars, nightclubs, hotels and late night food venues. The study also looked a number of other factors as well.

We know that living in Florida includes being near great places where people love to travel to. While they are here some of them want to party, whether it be at the beach or one Florida’s many night clubs.

4 Florida cities are in the Top 10 of the list. 6 Florida cities are in the Top 25 cities. The 2 Florida cities that didn’t make the Top 10 are Tampa and Orlando. Tampa came in at #25 and Orlando came in at #24.

4 of the best party cities in the U.S. are in Florida and that includes the #1 city. Check out the Florida cities on the list below.


  • Miami Beach

    When you think party in Florida then you probably think about Miami Beach. The city is definitely a fun time. The only areas it ranks low in is in casinos and last call at the bar.

  • Sarasota

    Our very own Sarasota comes in at #4 on the list. They rank high in bars and average price of a hotel room. The beaches near Sarasota are pretty good too.

  • Miami

    Not Miami Beach, but the city of Miami comes in at #5 on the list. People love to party in Miami that’s for sure.

  • Key West

    Key West comes in at #9 on the list. There are bars and hotels everywhere in Key West. You can also walk to pretty much everything.

    Aerial scenic Key West Florida photo

    Getty Images RF

  • Tampa

    People love to party in Tampa. #25 on the list Tampa offers many places to have some fun. Tampa ranks high in average cost of a hotel and a taxi ride ride from the airport.

  • Orlando

    Yes, Orlando has many theme parks, but Orlando also has a lot of places to party. They also rank really high in average cost of a hotel.

    Orlando, Florida, USA

    Getty Images RF

  • Jacksonville

    Jacksonville is in the Top 50 at #46. It ranks high in bars and average cost of a hotel room.

    Jacksonville Florida Skyline

    Getty Images RF

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