Health and wellness has jumped to the forefront of everyone’s attention over the past three years. According to WalletHub and Life Extension, Florida is a pretty good place to be living for that. Florida ranked 19th of the 50 states in the country with a life expectancy age of 77.5. But in terms of healthiest cities in the country, where does Tampa rank?

To determine the healthiest (and unhealthiest) places in the country, WallHub compared 182 cities, plus at least two of the most populated cities in each state. They analyzed four key dimensions using a metric and grading scale. The areas were: 1) Health Care, 2) Food, 3) Fitness and 4) Green Space.

Tampa Finished 38 out of 182

Source: WalletHub

Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale all ranked in the top 50 (in that order) of WalletHub’s report. A little further down the the list was St. Petersburg , Pembroke Pines and Jacksonville.

With sunshine state weather and activities like Pickleball  on the rise, there certainly is no shortage of reason to be active outside. Thus, it was the fitness category where Tampa produced the best results, claiming #19 out of 182.

Life Expectancy of 77.5

This aligns with Florida ranking 19th in  Life Extension’s recent report. Though the two platforms are unrelated their findings both highlight this region as being on top third of places to live a long healthy lifestyle. “The best states tend to have scenic outdoor areas and active populations,” Life Extension states. The report also details how life expectancy has declined over the past two years. If you are looking for a place to start, the common focuses would be obvious areas. This includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, and good sleep patterns. Perhaps you will now have additional encouragement with the healthiest cities report giving Tampa a rank of 38.

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