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A Great White shark has been caught off the coast of Florida. A family was on vacation when they reeled in the surprising catch. This happened off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale and it took about 40 minutes and three men to reel in the shark.

The family was visiting from North Dakota and came to Florida primarily for the fishing trip. Catching a great white is rare as the captain of the boat they were on told them. “I’ve been doing this for 20 years full-time as a captain,” said Capt. Adam Reckert, “and that’s the second one that I’ve landed. The last one was about 15 years ago.”

The group tagged the great white shark and set it free off the coast of Florida.

Check out video of the catch below.

Which 5 Florida Schools Made The Top 50 College Party Schools List

Which 5 Florida schools made the Top 50 college party schools list. Everybody brags about it. But is it really, really, true? This information also good to know if you are choosing a college. Will the college you choose be in the Top 50?

Out of all the Florida schools, the two closest to home, University of South Florida and University of Tampa did not make the list. Did YOU go to the best school? Is your degree really worth it? Did your school Party? Which 5 Florida schools made the top 50? Find out without the hangover by checking below. From the much-talked about Barstool list of party schools.

Can you find your school? And, are you proud of where it falls on the list?

Here’s the Top 50 College Party School list. Let’s see how your guess does!