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Irish slang words you need to know for St. Patrick’s Day today.  About half of the population will be out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day today and about 80% of those people plan to wear green today.  Partiers will be wearing costumes, drinking green beer, eating corn beef and cabbage and talking with the Irish accent today.

There are many Irish terms that you should probably study up on before you head out for the shenanigan’s today.

Even though English is the primary language in Ireland, there are still figures of speech used that can be confusing to Americans, so we thought we would list those for you.  This will definitely make your party that much more fun.  Try these on your friends to see if they know the terms.  Irish slang words you need to know.

Kevin tested J.R. and Launa on a few of these this morning and they got 2 right!

Slang Words We Used Today

“Gaff” – Another word for house. You might hear a teenager say they’ve got a “free gaff,” which means their parents aren’t home and they’re having a party.

“Chipper” – A fast food shop that sells deep-fried foods like fish and chips.

Manky” – This refers to something dirty, disgusting or rotten and can be used to describe anything from the weather to leftovers found in the back of the fridge.

“Craic” – This roughly translates to having fun or good times, as in “Are you up for a bit of craic tonight?”

“The black stuff” – When someone asks for a pint of the black stuff, they’re served a pint of Guinness stout.


Other Slang Words You Might Need

“Bold” – In the U.S. it usually means courageous, but in Ireland, it means naughty, as in bad behavior.

“Plaster” – A Band-Aid.

“Till” – A cash register.

“Dear” –“A ride” – An attractive person, but it can also refer to doing the deed. Not a term of endearment in Ireland, but something expensive.

“Langered” – A langer is a fool or an idiot and being langered means being incredibly drunk.

“Scarlet” – It means embarrassed, as in the color of your cheeks when you’re embarrassed.

“Savage” – Something awesome, excellent or really great.

“The messages” – If you’re getting the messages, you’re running errands or grocery shopping.

“Donkey’s years” – A long time.


Best Tampa Bay Area Irish Pubs To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

It’s binge drinkers favorite holiday! St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner and we want to share the best Irish pubs in Tampa Bay to celebrate. Many places around the Tampa Bay area will be serving up some green beer and Irish car bombs.

In a recent study done by WalletHub, Tampa ranks 15th for best cities in the U.S. for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Tampa was tied for first with New York for Irish pubs and restaurants per capita. Which means there will be plenty of places to celebrate! WalletHub found this info by comparing 200 of the most populated cities across four factors: St. Patrick’s Day traditions, costs, safety & accessibility, and weather. We were shocked to find out that Tampa didn’t rank first in the weather category, it’s the most perfect time of year here in the Sunshine State. If you’d like to see how Tampa compares to other cities on the list, check out the full study here. 

As we mentioned earlier, Tampa has a lot of Irish pubs to visit. You can definitely expect these places to be crowded on the 17th. Tampa will be hosting a huge celebration on the 18th. That’s right, River o’ Green Fest is back! The city of Tampa will be hosting a huge party at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.. They’ll even be dying the Hillsborough river green! Unation.com has a list of a bunch of bar crawls and other celebrations happening around the area too! They also included some of our favorite Irish Pubs in Tampa Bay.

Here are the best Irish pubs to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Tampa