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There is a massive sports complex that is coming to Apollo Beach.  It should open this summer.

This is going to be a great addition to the area bringing in people, tourists and business.  According to ABCactionnews.com it’s will be called the Waterset Sports Complex, . The complex is four connected turf fields.  The turf company told the county this is actually the biggest astroturf field in the United States.   The fields will be able to support a variety of recreational sports and activities ranging from soccer, football, and lacrosse, to kickball and cricket.  

In addition to the fields, it will also feature a playground, pavilions, LED lighting, a concession building with restrooms, offices, meeting space, and parking for more than 500 vehicles.  It is a massive sports complex coming to Apollo Beach.

This complex will bring in people from all over for different tournaments and games.  With four fields, the possibilities could have a variety of activities going on.  This will also bring a big economic boost to the Apollo Beach area.

Phase one of the construction costs around $11 million, which is coming from the county’s capital improvement project budget.   They hope to wrap up construction by the end of summer.   When it is all complete, there will be a parking lot, concession stand, and playset.

What Sports Do You Want To See

Hillsborough County wants to know which sports you would like the complex to host?

They are asking for the community input on their website.   Parks & Recreation would love to learn more about your recreational sports needs and preferences so the department can program the facility with the activities that you and your family will enjoy the most.  They are asking you to add your ideas and comments on this site from March 13 – March 26, 2023.

You can learn more about this HERE

Celebrate The Groundbreaking Event

The groundbreaking event will be at 2 p.m. Monday, March 28, at 6110 Waterset Blvd., Apollo Beach, FL 33572.  The ceremony will feature Parks & Recreation leaders, Hillsborough County commissioners, and members of the Waterset community.

What: Groundbreaking for Waterset Sports Complex
When: 2 p.m. Monday, March 28
Where: 6110 Waterset Blvd., Apollo Beach, FL 33572

This Florida City Has Been Named One Of The Best Cities In The South

A Florida city has been named as one of the best cities in the South by Southern Living. We know that the state of Florida have some great cities, but only one is on the list. The list is voted on by the publication’s readers.

There are ten states on the list with four states that have three cities on their list. Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia are the states with the most cities. Many of these southern cities you have most likely visited and would probably visit again. I am surprised that more Florida cities aren’t on the list. Driving through Florida there are beautiful cities to visit, but this list didn’t name them. Maybe the publication’s readers will visit more cities in Florida and put them on next year’s list.

When looking at this list I can totally understand the top cities. Southern Living says, “The South’s many metros are destinations that do it all. They’re hubs of art, culture, and cuisine, not to mention athletics and yes, even outdoor adventure.”

Even though one Florida cities made the list of best cities in the South we know Florida has the best cities. Check out the list below.

  • 15 - Orlando

    The one Florida city on the list is Orlando. We know that there are many things to do in Orlando. The readers of Southern Living say this is one the best cities in the South.

    Orlando, Florida, USA

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  • 5 - Nashville

    Music City makes the list at #5. If you have been there before then you know how great of a city it is. You can see live country music pretty much wherever you go.

    Nashville Tennessee

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  • 4 - Atlanta

    Southern Living says about Atlanta, “Sprawling parks and bustling food halls, huge sports stadiums and the World of Coca-Cola–this city is a veritable choose-your-own adventure destination.”

    Downtown Atlanta center area skyline cityscape of  USA

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  • 3 - Asheville, NC

    This city is absolutely beautiful. Set right in the mountains it has has great places to visit and stay. If you go there make sure you check out the Biltmore.

    Downtown Asheville North Carolina NC Skyline Aerial

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  • 2 - Savannah

    I just got back from Savannah and I agree with the list that it is one of the best southern cities. It is a great walking city with many things to see. Check out the candy stores, the great food and the beautiful squares that are in downtown Savannah.

    Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia

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  • 1 - Charleston, SC

    Charleston is a population tourist destination and a well deserved #1. Southern Living says, “…the vibrant culinary scene, the fantastic shops and boutiques, the coastal breezes blowing in over the Battery–it’s no shock that The Holy City stays at the top of this list year after year.”

    St. Michaels Church and Broad St. in Charleston, SC

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  • The Top 20 Best Southern Cities

    1. Charleston, SC
    2. Savannah, GA
    3. Asheville, NC
    4. Atlanta, GA
    5. Nashville, TN
    6. New Orleans, LA
    7. Greenville, SC
    8. Chattanooga, TN
    9. Alpharetta, GA
    10. Austin, TX
    11. Charlotte, NC
    12. Raleigh, NC
    13. Fort Worth, TX
    14. Franklin, TN
    15. Orlando, FL
    16. Birmingham, AL
    17. Dallas, TX
    18. Huntsville, AL
    19. Bentonville, AR
    20. Richmond, VA