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Castor Wins election over Wonder Woman, and Baby Shark. I don’t live in Tampa. I’ve just always liked her. And, cops in general. Tampa’s incumbent mayor, Jane Castor, secured her second term with a whopping 80% of the vote. However, over 5,600 city voters chose to leave the ballot line for mayor blank and /or wrote in their own candidate of choice. Some popular write-ins included former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, Tampa’s strip club owner Joe Redner, and Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald and Daisy Duck.

Some voters also wrote in local politicians, while others wrote in general phrases such as “anyone else” or “none of the above.” One notable write-in candidate was Belinda Noah, an attorney who previously ran for office and qualified as a write-in candidate. Bottom line. Castor Wins election, and votes for characters like Wonder Woman, Batman, and Baby Shark did not count. The race also included 4,144 ballots with no vote for the mayor’s race. TBT