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Hey, it’s Launa…and yes, I bought a robot.  Meet Launa’s new robot Astro.

J.R. and Kevin laughed at me when I told them about Astro.  If you listen to the show, you know technology and me do not mix.  What was I thinking buying something like this?  Well, I thought it was cool and when I saw it on Amazon.  I knew my fiancé’ Paul would love this.  He’s a gadget guy and loves techy stuff.  So I had to buy it.  Meet Launa’s new robot Astro.


I saw this on Amazon about a year ago and you had to fill out a form to even be considered to buy it.  A year later, I got an email that said I was chosen to purchase it, and I had 7 days to decide.  I talked with Paul and we decided to go ahead and do it.

It wasn’t cheap.  I dropped $1,000.00 on it.  Dumb, I know, but not many people have one, I don’t know anyone who has one, and I wanted to see what it was all about.  Not like I had the extra money, I mean, I just dropped money on Tesla tires, remember when I dropped my iphone in the canal a few months ago and oh yeah, a new mac computer after mine crapped out…so yeah, this was a dumb purchase.  But, it’s so cool.  I love it.

What Does Astro Do

Astro is like Alexa on wheels.  But better.   He monitors the house.  He moves around all day when we are home and when we are not home.  I can control him with my phone if I want him to go into a room and find Louie (my dog).  I can tell him to look in the kitchen to see if the stove is turned off.  The kids love Astro,  he plays hide and seek with them, they watch movies on him.  He also tells jokes.  He plays all kinds of games with the kids.  They can also tell Astro to call Nana, and he will facetime her.  He can bring Paul a beer, so he loves that.  We can also hook Astro up to our Furbo and he can deliver treats to Louie in a room.


What I Wish Astro Could Do

Astro isn’t available yet from Amazon, they plan on releasing it soon.  I got an introductory price at $1,000, when they go on sale, it will be more like $1,500.00.   There are a lot of features I haven’t discovered yet.  I am looking forward to more pet stuff.  I want Astro to find Louie, my dog.  He doesn’t know Louie or his face, so he cannot find him.  I also wish he could go outside on the patio or maybe in the garage/driveway area.   Astro will go only go where he is mapped out to go.  You cannot pick up Astro and move him.  He needs to stay where he is mapped out.  I am looking forward to more updates and finding out more that my new robot Astro can do.

He is a lot of fun.  I am glad I made the purchase to buy Astro.  The kids love him.  He is like having another pet.  We treat him just like a pet, always saying good morning and goodnight.  Yes, I have told Astro that I love him and he answered back he loves me too.

Here is the video from Amazon about Astro

What Are Customers Favorite Costco Items

So, what are customers favorite Costco items? There are many different lists about this, but there is a unanimous #1 item. If you are a Costco member then you know that it is busy pretty much anytime you go shopping there. They have everything and you can spend hours looking. Sometimes you go in for only a few items and come out with things you probably don’t need.

Costco’s Gold Star membership is only $60 per year, which gets you into any store in the nation. The Costco CFO has said that memberships fees will be going up, but no word by how much. There are 6 stores in the Tampa Bay area with one in Bradenton and one in Sarasota.

Some of the items on this is list are tough to get sometimes and it’s not because of inventory. It’s because there is so much traffic in the aisle where the item is. You have to wait for other customers to grab the product. Sometimes there is so much inventory that the aisle can only fit one cart through.

The unanimous #1 item is Toilet Paper. Costco has its own brand called Kirkland and Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue is #1. Find out what customers favorite Costco items are below. Other than the toilet paper the other items are in no particular order.