Luke Combs is currently sitting at number one this week on the country charts with his song, “Going, Going, Gone,” which he co-wrote from his album Growin’ Up. As he gets ready later this month (3/24) to release his follow-up album Gettin’ Old, he discusses writing his latest hit.

Luke told us about writing the song with his buddies Ray Fulcher and James McNair. “We wrote that song, that riff was just there, and it was undeniable in the room. And I pulled that idea out, and it just made sense to all of us. I feel like that track, if I’m, remembering correctly, that’s the last track on Growin’ Up.”

He added, “The point of that was to go, ‘Okay, well, this is where we’re going, right?’ Like I didn’t announce when Growin’ Up came out that there was going to be a second part to this thing. And really, there’s not. But I wanted people to go, ‘Okay, well, this track 12, I really liked that thing. It’s this new sound; it’s different. It’s something else, but I still love it, and I still can relate to it.’ I wanted to let people know that that’s kind of where this was going right, like leading into this next album.”

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Luke recently said that after being a father for almost nine months, he is looking down the road to things he cannot wait to do with his son Tex. He told us in a recent interview, “I think about it today, and I feel like I know him so well, and I just can’t wait to talk to him. He can’t talk yet and wants to communicate, and the idea of us having a conversation is so neat.”

Combs added, “After watching him grow over the last eight months, and I think the beauty of it is when they are that age is like… you know how your dog doesn’t care who you are when you come home? Your dog loves you no matter what. The beauty of a child that is his age is he just loves me because I’m there for him; he doesn’t go, ‘My daddy’s a singer, or my daddy’s a lawyer.” None of that carries any weight to him; it’s like, ‘That guy changed my diaper, and that guy put me in bed,’ and ‘That guy gave me a bath, and that guy sang me a song and read me a book,’ and that’s it. There is so much beauty to that, so I don’t want to rush that either.”

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