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Red Tide digging in heels along Sun Coast. This may take a while. Toxic red tide blooms have been detected in every coastal Southwest Florida county from Pinellas south to Monroe over the past week. The red tide, which has been present in Gulf of Mexico waters for five months, has caused tons of dead fish to wash up on Gulf beaches and respiratory issues for people in all seven Southwest Florida counties. Check Ride Tide Status Of Your Beach HERE.  Sometimes moving up the beach a mile or two makes a BIG difference.

The number of red tide exposures reported to Florida’s Poison Control Centers has increased, and a beachside festival in Indian Rocks Beach was canceled over red tide concerns. The red tide has also caused the deaths of marine life such as a loggerhead sea turtle and manatees. People going to the beach are advised to check conditions before going and leave if they experience respiratory problems. The red tide is expected to linger, with scientists unable to predict when it will go away. TBT