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Naked cowboy on Spring Break in Tampa. John Burck, famously known as the Naked Cowboy, has been strumming his guitar in his underwear for tips in New York City’s Times Square for the past 25 years. Recently, he brought his act to Tampa, performing at Lykes Gaslight Square Park in downtown. Despite his unconventional attire, Burck has gained immense popularity over the years, making appearances on MTV, late-night talk shows, and even car commercials. He’s been dubbed the world’s most famous street busker and graced the cover of New York magazine in 2020, symbolizing the city’s pandemic resilience.

While he usually performs in Times Square, Burck takes a brief “Spring Break Tour” annually, visiting places like Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Bike Week in Florida before returning north. This year, he made a stop in Tampa while visiting friends in Bradenton Beach before heading to Bike Week in Daytona next week. After receiving a warm response from locals in Tampa, Burck plans to return to the same spot in downtown at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Despite encountering some challenges on his tour, such as the incident in Mobile, Alabama, where a police officer told him to put on pants or face going to jail, Burck remains dedicated to his craft. In 2022, he settled a lawsuit against the city of Daytona for $90,000, claiming his First Amendment rights were violated when officers arrested him for panhandling in 2021. Nevertheless, he continues to perform and entertain people with his unique act, bringing joy and laughter to those who encounter him on the street. TBT