Jon Pardi’s pregnant wife, Summer, posted to her Insta stories that she was admitted to the ER with a “stomach bug.” Over an image of Jon waiting in the hospital room at the foot of her bed, she wrote, “No baby still. But I got the wonderful stomach bug that’s going around. Don’t wish this on anyone, especially pregnant. Spent all night and morning throwing up, so came to the ER and have been on fluids all day … Finally can keep saltine crackers and water down tonight.” She added, “Maybe all the throwing up will push Presley out.”

Over a second image of her pregnant belly with monitors on it, she wrote, “Feeling much better today and baby is doing good, still cozy and safe lmao wild that they have Bluetooth monitors now for the baby … nice that you can get up and move around tho,”

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It was in September of 2022 the couple announced that they were expecting their first baby, and the couple sat down with People to give details on the new bundle of joy. They are expecting in early 2023. Jon told the publication, “I’m ready to start a new adventure with my wonderful wife Summer and our new little one — Pardi of three! I’m really excited to meet our baby and to have someone to ride around the ranch with.”

Summer added the couple is both excited and a bit nervous. She also noted that she couldn’t wait to see Jon as a dad. She said, “He’s such a big kid at heart, always the life of the party, and has such positive energy, so I can only imagine how much fun this little Pardi addition will be for him and our family. I know [being parents] is going to be the greatest gift in the world.”

The couple has been open about wanting kids and has been trying to expand their family since they married in November 2020. She said, “It was definitely an interesting two years of ups and downs — the constant letdown month after month can really be hard on a couple. After years of no luck and meeting with doctors who just didn’t feel like the right fit, we decided to take a break, leave it in God’s hands and just enjoy each other and this crazy, fun life we live together and then surprise, we’re pregnant!”

GALLERY: Jon Pardi Always Having Fun!

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