Carly Pearce is hitting the road with Blake Shelton this week as his opener on the “Back to the Honky Tonk Tour.” Carly told us why it means so much to her to tour with Blake and one thing, in particular, she’s looking forward to on tour.

Pearce said, “Blake has been so good to me through this last six years. And at every step, he’s just encouraged me and made me feel like he really supported the kind of country music that I was making. So, at this point in my career, to be able to be in that direct support slot with him. I almost feel like I graduated. I do respect him so much as an artist, and just the way that his brand has built.” She added, “I’m really, really excited. He’s been one of my favorite people in the industry. And I have to say, I really love Gwen as well, so we’re gonna have girl time.”

The “Back to the Honky Tonk Tour” kicks off this Thursday, February 16, in Lincoln, Nebraska, and runs through March 25.

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Pearce recently had fun with her fans on Insta Stories as she asked them about love that has done them wrong. In the clip, she said to her faithful following, “Okay guys, new year. ‘What He Didn’t Do’ is almost top ten on the radio, and I know obviously what he didn’t do? But I want to know for ya’ll what he didn’t do for you. You tell me I want to know the T on your exes, what he didn’t do.”

Fans reacted in droves, and Pearce posted a couple of the responses. One wrote about her ex, saying, “Stay faithful in our marriage. Apparently, he prefers his cousin.” Carly replied, “I’m laughing, yet terrified, and also glad he’s gone.” Another fan posted, “Brought me AND his friend concerts tickets. Didn’t even pay for dinner, drinks, or Uber.” Pearce replied, all in caps, “BOY BYEEEEEE.” Carly posted another fan’s response to what her man did wrong, “Keep me and his second girlfriend separate. He had us both living in his house on different scheds (schedules).” Pearce responded, “WHERE HE AT?! I’LL KIll HIM.”

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