Carly Pearce runs to stay fit. However, during the quarantine, she mostly walked for excercise, and that was because of one special cat named Emmylou.

Carly recently told us, “I have some animals. I have Johnny and June, we got Retta Lynn – Loretta Lynn, you know, but she goes by Retta – and then we also have Emmylou, the cat.” She explained, “I found during quarantine when I was staying with my parents in Alabama she likes to be walked. And about 3 o’clock every day, she would literally like, look at the door, like, ‘Are you gonna walk me?’ And she’s huge. She’s so fat. Her fat hangs to the ground. And I would take her and put her on a leash, and she would just walk down the road and wanted to walk.”

Pearce just returned from Mexico, where she played Luke Bryan’s “Crash My Playa” and spent time with her boyfriend, seeing the sights of Mexico. She is currently working on her next album and is rehearsing to hit the road with Blake Shelton on his Honky Tonk Tour, which kicks off on February 16th.

She said of 2023 and her plans, “Obviously, at the top of my list is creating great music. I saw how much that changed everything for me. At the end of the day, what we do is put out music, and that’s what kind of continues on our trajectory of what happens next. So, I think making this next record as good or better as 29 is super important to me.” She added, “But I think past just the music stuff, I want to be the women that I love, the Dolly’s, the Reba’s. They’re household names. So, I want to figure out what is my version of that. You know, is that doing something outside of music? Is that just expanding and kind of stretching? I know I can do music, but what else can I do within that umbrella of just challenging myself?”

Top Five Most Fit Stars In Country Music

  • 5 - Dierks Bentley and Carly Pearce tie

    Dierks Bentley and Carly Pearce Ethan Miller, Mike Coppola/Getty Images

    This one was too close to call, so we are listing two country stars at number five. Dierks Bentley constantly rides his mountain bike, does many bike marathons, and sits in a barrel of ice as an annual ritual. He is a fit guy who loves playing outside and having fun whenever possible. Carly Pearce is reasonably fit and eats right 90 percent of the time, and does a daily run to stay on top of her game physically.

  • 4 - Kenny Chesney

    4 - Kenny Chesney

    Christopher Polk/Getty Images

    Kenny has always lifted weights and worked out since he began his country music journey years ago. He always looks spot-on and buff and fit as a fiddle.

  • 3 - Kane Brown

    3 - Kane Brown

    Monica Schipper/Getty Images

    Kane has been working hard and working out for a couple of years. He is so fit and tight that not long ago, his wife had to post a video to Insta stories with Brown saying that he is not too skinny; he’s just been working out a lot.

  • 2 - Tim McGraw

    2 - Tim McGraw

    Jason Kempin/Getty Images

    Tim is the buffest male country star today and often shares his working out on the road when he travels, which includes lifting giant tires. Many country stars who tour with him in the summer end up starting a workout program like him. In 2016, he was featured in Men’s Health magazine as one of the fittest guys in the music business.In 2019, he published the book Grit & Grace: Train the Mind, Train the Body, Own Your Life.

  • 1 - Carrie Underwood

    1 - Carrie Underwood

    Rich Fury/Getty Images

    Carrie loves to eat right (she is a vegan), exercises every day, and has the best legs in country music to prove it. She even has her own line of workout clothes (Calia) and works out with a fitness app called Fit52 alongside her husband, Mike Fisher.