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Tom Brady drops a few F bombs on retirement question. The always fun quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, recently appeared on the Let’s Go! podcast, where he was asked about his plans for his football career. In response, the 45-year-old quarterback expressed frustration with the question, dropped a few F bombs, and stated that he is currently “taking it a day at a time.” He went on to discuss the end of the Buccaneers’ season and the challenges of “decompressing” from a long NFL season.

Brady also spoke about the team’s inconsistent performance throughout the season, noting that the teams that have played the best all season in the biggest games are the ones still standing in the playoffs. He also mentioned that one of the things he learned from the season is the importance of resiliency and coping with failure, which he is now teaching his three children.

In addition, Brady expressed his annoyance with the $16,444 fine he received from the NFL for attempting to trip Cowboys safety Malik Hooker in the playoff loss. He stated that he is appealing the fine, saying, “I don’t know how you can get fined for something that didn’t even happen. Are they fining intention?”

Overall, while Tom Brady did not provide a clear answer on his plans for his football career, he did share his thoughts on the end of the Buccaneers’ season and his current focus on spending time with his family and “decompressing” from the long NFL season. He also touched on the fine he received and his decision to appeal it. TBT