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Rapid growth challenges Tampa Fire And Rescue to keep up. In a recent tragic incident, a 52-year-old man fell off a two-story roof in South Tampa and later died of his injuries. According to neighbors, it took nearly 20 minutes for first responders to arrive, despite the fact that they live just four minutes away from Tampa Fire Station 19.

On the day of the accident, Station 19 was busy fighting a house fire, and other units had to be sent from other parts of the city. However, Tampa’s fire chief, Barbara Tripp, has announced that Station 19 will be getting a new advanced life support rescue unit that can transport patients.

Chief Tripp stated that the additional resource is being allocated to Station 19 not because of the recent incident but rather due to the rapid growth in the area. She said that she has reviewed a lot of data and information and is placing resources where they are needed.

The resident, Emilio Monte, who called 911 the day of the incident, is just thankful that Station 19 will be getting more resources, but he is concerned that it may not be enough. He points out that there has been tremendous growth in the area with the city approving not just large residential development projects but also multiple apartment complexes. He just wants the city to provide the resources that are needed in the area based on its population growth.

It is important to note that the Tampa Bay area has seen a significant increase in population in recent years and with this growth, it is imperative that the city allocates the necessary resources to keep its residents safe. This includes not only the fire department but also other emergency services. Additionally, it is also important that the city takes into account the potential strain on these services when approving new developments. NewsChannel8