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Walker Hayes shared his gratitude about his wife when he spoke to Tampa Bay’s Morning Krewe. He says, “She is she is so proud of me, and I say that with so much gratitude. I mean, she left me a note by the coffee machine this morning, and she is as happy as she looks. What a gift.”

Walker will performing at the Florida Strawberry Festival on Thursday, March 2nd at 7:30. Tickets for the show are $40 and you can purchase them on the Strawberry Festival’s website.

He was born in Mobile, Alabama. The first song that put Walker on the map was “You Broke Up With Me”, which came out in 2017. It wasn’t until 2021 that he became a household name. That’s when “Fancy Like” was released accompanied with a viral dance to the song. That song became his first #1 song. He also has the songs “AA” and “Y’all Life”.

We love that Walker Hayes shares his gratitude about his wife.

Songs You Didn't Know Morgan Wallen Wrote For Other Artists

Morgan Wallen has plenty of hits many of which he co-wrote. Dangerous: The Double Album featured many of his co-writes, including “Wasted On You,” “Somebody’s Problem,” “Neon Eyes,” “More Than My Hometown,” “7 Summers” and more.

But did you know that Morgan Wallen is also a sought-after songwriter in Nashville? He is signed to a publishing deal with Big Loud Publishing and over the years he has written songs for a number of other artists. Here’s a list of those songs that Morgan Wallen has written for Nashville’s biggest stars.

  • Make it Easy - Jason Aldean

  • Love Me Or Don't - Jason Aldean

  • Brown Eyes Baby - Keith Urban

  • Amen To That - Dylan Scott

  • Wild As Her - Corey Kent

  • Whiskey Me Away - Jason Aldean

  • The Sad Songs - Jason Aldean

  • Flower Shops - ERNEST feat Morgan Wallen

  • Cooter Brown - Colt Ford

  • Like You Never Had It - Florida Georgia Line

  • Keeping It Small Town - Jason Aldean

  • Rockstars - Kane Brown

  • Right Girl - Dylan Schneider