Chris Young knew when he wrote “All Dogs Go To Heaven” that fans would tell him stories about pets they lost. He says he is ready for it.

Chris told us, “I would say I am properly equipped to handle that onslaught of people relating to that song mainly because of the song ‘Drowning’ that I wrote. Because I had so many people just tell me stories about people they lost, and I wrote that about a friend of mine that I lost.”

Young hopes not to cry on performances when he sings it live. He said, “Am I going to absolutely fail on the Opry trying to play ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven?’ I hope not, dear God. I don’t need to do that again. I am not a crier, but when it comes to animals, it’s just a different thing. It’s losing one of your friends or losing a pet you had for a long time; obviously, the former is much tougher, but it’s not like the second option is not anything anybody wants. So, yeah, that’s gonna be really tough.”

He feels that the new song is one of his best. He noted, “I think ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’ is an important song. It’s special to me.”

Chris told us of the song's meaning, “Regardless if you have a big dog, small dog, or whatever, a pet of any kind, you can kind of get the point of ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven.’ You know, they’re probably not going to outlive us, so I think everybody doesn’t want to think about that, but you know that it’s going to be something that you are going to have to deal with at some point, and it’s just the idea of they’ll be waiting on you when you get up there.”

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