Thomas Rhett admits that after the pandemic he started to re-evaluate his life and priorities.

Thomas told us recently, “The last couple years to me was more of a rearranging of priorities, if you will. Not that certain things aren’t still important, but I think I put so much stock in just winning at all costs. And when you look back at what it did cost you, it cost you time away. Now that my family is so big, that is the number one. There is nothing that trumps that.” He added, “I think for me it was like, how can I be excellent at this, and excellent at this, and excellent at this. And, to me, it’s just like finding those moments of, like, okay, today I will give music everything that I have. Today I’m in dad [mode], and I will give ‘dad-ing’ everything that I have. If it weren’t for the last couple of years, I don’t know how long it would’ve taken me to realize some of that stuff.”

Despite his priority change, Rhett is still very much committed to his career. He also looks forward to launching the Canadian leg of his “Bring the Bar to You Tour” in February. And he’s heading overseas for the C2C Music Festival in March. Then he’ll launch his “Home Team Tour 2023” in the U.S.

Not long ago, Thomas told us that he has been thinking he would like to pilot his own plane for years but admits he has reservations. He admitted, “I could definitely see me still wantin’ to do that. I have so many pilots in my family. My brother-in-law, Grayson, is a pilot, my father-in-law is a pilot, and a lot of my close friends are pilots. I think it would take a little more trust on my own end to trust that I could do it right. I’m not the most attention-to-detail person, and I feel like you really need to be detailed to be a pilot.” He added, “So, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll become a very detail-oriented person over the next five years and decide that getting my pilot’s license is something I’d wanna do. If Dierks can do it, I can do it.”

Country Music's Top Five Bromances Over The Years

  • 5 - Darius Rucker and Lady A's Charles Kelley

    Darius makes friends with many people in the entertainment industry. He once told us while we were discussing his friendship with the Duck Dynasty reality show guys that when he likes someone and their work, he reaches out to start a friendship whenever he can. Darius and Charles have been buddies since Rucker started touring with Lady A toward the beginning of his country music career back in 2011 on Lady A’s “Own The Night” tour.

  • 4 - Dierks Bentley and Thomas Rhett

    These guys have been buddies for a while now and live close to each other in the Nashville area. Once while Thomas was waiting in a grocery store line and realized he didn’t have any money, Dierks happened to be behind him in line and loaned him the cash for his purchase. Rhett also had some fun playing part of Bentley’s parody band Hot Country Knights.

  • 3 - Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw

    Kenny and Tim’s friendship goes way back to when the guys first came to Nashville in the early 1990s. The guys have retained their 30-year friendship over the years and even did a duet together called “Like A Rock Star” in 2012.

  • 2 - Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton

    These two superstars recently made another Top 5 list for getting mistaken for each other at times when out in public. Blake and Luke trade fun jabs and even hosted the ACM Awards in 2013. Despite people occasionally saying they don’t like each other, they are good friends.

  • 1 - Kane Brown and Chris Young

    Kane and Chris have been friends since Brown was first signed to Young’s RCA label in 2105. While they supported each other from that fateful day, it wasn’t until Young’s “Famous Friends” duet with Kane in 2021 became such a big hit and award nominee that their friendship became well-known.