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Florida Man on crime spree caught was wearing a GPS ankle monitor. Amazing, right?Β  In a shocking turn of events, Joshua Reed, a 19-year-old man from Florida, was caught committing a crime spree while wearing a GPS ankle-worn bracelet as part of his pre-trial release for grand theft auto in Broward County. Reed, who also has a pending case in Palm Beach County, was tracked down by police using the GPS device and appeared in Miami-Dade County court on Thursday.

According to Sgt Fernando Bosch of the South Miami Police Department, Reed is responsible for 14 cases, including burglary of occupied and unoccupied structures, grand theft of vehicles, and criminal mischief. Surveillance footage from South Miami shows Reed and his crew outside of a home near Dante Fascell Park, attempting to break into a hurricane impact-resistant glass door while a family slept inside.

The thieves were reportedly searching for key fobs to luxury cars, and were able to steal a parked Mercedes-Benz. Detectives are still searching for Reed’s accomplices, who are believed to have used a similar modus operandi of wearing dark-colored clothing and breaking into homes to steal key fobs.

This Florida Man is facing multiple charges, including four counts of burglary of an occupied dwelling, four counts of burglary of an unoccupied structure, and various counts of grand theft and criminal mischief. It is a sad reminder of the dangers of pre-trial release programs and the importance of monitoring individuals who have been charged with crimes, especially those with a history of repeat offenses. Source News10