But no, sadly it’s not here in the Tampa area. But this one would be a bit closer than Daytona. A bullseye has been set for a third Buc-ee’s location in Florida.

Fox 13 reports that Buc-ee’s has put in paperwork to build one of their enormous gas stations in Ocala just off I-75. There will be lots of debate before they get the stamp of approval to go ahead and build. So for now, for those Beaver Nuggets, you’re going to have to head over to Daytona or Saint Augustine.

Buc-ee’s Daytona location offers 104 pumps and a store that’s over 50,000 SQUARE FEET! Buc-ee’s is a well known gas station chain to Texans but new to most of us in the Sunshine State. Buc-eee’s first Florida location opened in Saint Augustine. They have over 120 pumps.

The food and shopping is a big draw for many. Buc-ee’s has an enormous selection of brisket, nuts, jerky, fudge, and of course Beaver Nuggets. It’s a sweet corn puff snack that’s similar to caramel corn according to the report above. As for shopping, if you’ve been on the search for a Buc-ee’s Beaver onesie, you’re in luck. The other big thing Buc-ee’s is known for? It’s bathrooms. They promise to be spotless and the nicest bathrooms of any gas station you’ve ever seen.

7 New Foods Coming To The 2023 Florida State Fair

Oh sure you can go with a traditional corn dog or cotton candy. There will probably be gator bites and pizza. But for those looking to try something unique, vendors have created some inventive fair foods for this year’s Florida State Fair. This year the fair runs Thursday, February 9 through February 20 at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa.

  • The Walking Nacho Dog

    A hotdog topped with chips, jalapeno peppers and a cheese sauce.

  • Mexican Street Corn Sundae

    French fries topped with cheese, corn, spices, a cilantro lime crema, corn chips and your choice of shrimp or steak.

  • Fried Key Lime Pie

    What a combination of words! Mini donuts with a buttercream glaze topped with a key lime pie filling and whipped cream, white chocolate, crushed graham crackers and a lime slice.

  • Watermelon Sweet Tea

    A cool twist on a Southern classic. No artificial stuff is this one they say. You can also add lemonade to it.

  • Tampa Cuban Funnel Cake Sandwich

    Mama Jane’s creation for 2023 has pork, ham, salami, Swiss, dill pickles and mustard on top of 2 funnel cakes that are heath pressed and topped with a donut glaze.

  • Nacho Mama

    Chips topped with steak, pico de gallo, jalapenos, onions and peppers, sour cream, cheese and ranch.

  • Mangonada


    Mango blended with a sweet syrup, tangy lime salt and a stick of tamarind.

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